10 tips to motivate your staff

01 Feb 2016

Employees who are engaged, motivated and committed to their work and their employer are more likely to be effective and more likely to stay in the company.

Employers have a responsibility to consider how they engage, motivate and gain true buy-in from their staff. These things don’t ‘just happen’. Good employers give it thought and take action.

  1. Show you recognise ‘see’ them by using their first name e.g. ‘Morning Sam’. ‘Thank you Sarah’, ‘James, what were your thoughts on this suggestion?’.
  2. Ask them what part of their job they most enjoy doing and plan with them, how they can do more of it
  3. Be clear about what you need and expect from them. Regularly discuss this, review and update as things change over time – and keep them in the loop when changes happen
  4. Offer opportunities for them to broaden their skills, knowledge, technical confidence – this contributes to their output and prepares them for promotion.
  5. Show your human-ness. Use genuine humour, warmth, understanding, sharing. Show interest in them
  6. Praise and acknowledge them, publicly and privately, for their contribution; their attitude; early delivery; quality of their thinking/input, loyalty, discretionary effort.
  7. Provide occasional ‘treats’ such as a team outing to a Christmas Fair; Easter eggs for everyone; Pizza night; early Friday finish etc.
  8. Show you trust them by giving extra (appropriate) responsibility that stretches their thinking and uses their knowledge
  9. Be honest. Own up to your mistakes. Apologise. Lead by good example.
  10. Involve them in solving significant problems or planning a major project/roll-out – especially when they can bring a different perspective

Pick one or two of these and put them into practice. Then see what impact it has on them and on you. Next, pick a couple of different tips and take action in different situations and with different people. Putting these tips into action can help you with your team, clients – and make a difference to your reputation as a great manager.


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