Being an Agile Leader-Manager

Being an Agile Leader-Manager practical skills to handle people challenges in today’s world of work.

by Catherine Joyce was published by Panoma Press in January 2016 and  is available here and at all good bookstores.

Being An Agile Leader-Manager

Managing other people at work is a challenge for every manager. You need to be deal with everything from emotions, mistakes, disengagement through to career planning, team dynamics, managing expectations, dealing with resistance to change and delivering results. If this complicated recipe is a challenge for you, you’re not alone.

The need for ‘agility’ in how employees are engaged, led and managed at work has never been as relevant as it is today. If you wish to be more agile, expand your skill range and impact, this book can help you with ‘how’.

– Are you a practical person but need step-by-step tools to managing others?
– Want to handle other people’s expectations more effectively?
– Succeed with tricky conversations?
– Dealing more effectively with employees in three generations?
– Facing resistance to new solutions, new processes, even simple ideas?
– Want to improve the performance of others?

In each chapter, Catherine takes your through a different topic; with exercises, stories, tips to dip and to expand your skills and your confidence in managing them.

“The challenge for managers is to deliver success in today’s complex organisational environment”.

If you are a new manager there are practical and useful ways to help you be more effective. If you are an experienced manager there are new things to learn and fresh strategies to explore. You’ll get a different perspective of how you can approach challenges you face.

Either way, this book will show you how to try out new approaches so you can deal more effectively with others, whether they are your employees, your boss, your clients, JV partners or colleagues.

Catherine is an experienced qualified executive coach, facilitator and consultant with over 20 years of experience working in the corporate sector. She specialises in helping develop senior and emerging leaders and managers.

Being an Agile Leader-Manager, draws heavily from her recent experiences in different organisations and industries in the UK & Ireland.  She is acutely aware of the pressures to achieve commercial success by engaging, driving performance and retaining talented colleagues.

This is particularly challenging for those who find themselves facing situations they are just not trained to handle. Often promoted into leadership and management roles because they are so competent at project design, sales, engineering, marketing, finance, IT, etc, they find managing people is a very different proposition to managing figures, technology  or processes.

The key to success in business is the ability to manage your team successfully. However, with the ever-changing makeup of teams and organisational structures, it is more challenging to deliver to the organisation and to the individual.

This is why you must be agile if you wish to be successful. You must learn ways and approaches that make you agile.

What readers are saying:

“Being an Agile Leader-Manager – practical skills to handle people challenges, in today’s world of work’ is an essential part of the current or aspiring leader-manager’s toolbox; I’d challenge anyone using the book not to identify, learn and improve with it.”
JS, ”Engineering Manager  (Civil Engineering)

“It’s an excellent ‘go to’ resource for any manager who wants to be successful at managing people. This book gets to the real essence and issues that confront leader-managers in the complex world of business today, providing a valuable guide to the challenges they face.”
AE, Group Operations Director  (Retail)

“It is brilliantly segmented and specific in areas of focus. It works on every level and it would inspire any manager/ leader in my industry to action. I actively recommend it to current and aspiring managers – and to organisations who wish to turn their technical talent into the leaders of the future.”
KB, Manager (Motor Manufacturing)


Being an Agile Leader-Manager practical skills to handle people challenges in today’s world of work, by Catherine Joyce,  is available here and at all good bookstores.