22 Mar 2016

Thriving…prospering…blossoming… what lovely words and how wonderful it is to be achieving them.


Some time ago  I joined a community of people undertaking a 30 Day Challenge. The idea was to put into action a project, idea or task that we’ve been delaying or just plain not got round to. Blogging is a key part of my challenge and this new website is a place where my actions show up.

I love words and think the English language is sadly under-appreciated…I’m intrigued by the depth, the variety of words and the meanings that can be achieved by subtle and not so subtle alterations in tone and choice of word.  Words and their meaning are a constant joy to me. Words create worlds.

Word for the Year 

For some years now, I’ve had the habit of choosing a word that appeals to me and taking it as ‘my word of the year’ and keeping it front of mind as I work and play.

Flourish is a great word.  When I think of people or things that are flourishing, there’s something shiny, growth-ful and brimming with potential and possibility.  And that’s me too.

The idea of flourishing is an inspiration, an encouragement and a goal.  Flourish has a sense of movement, of space, of opportunity and in applying it to my project goals for this week, it’s already acting a kind of driver to get into action and stop being distracted by endless to-do lists, office work, programme design,  housework, reading, dealing with endless IT issues and other delaying tactics, I’m such an expert at lol!

So for me this week, as I ‘flourish’ I’ll pace myself, get small tasks done, one after the other, which in turn add up; I’ll enjoy the process and the journey – not focusing on either the end goal or the hiccups on the way ( if there are any).

~ what’s it like for you when you’re ‘flourishing’ ?

~ how do you get yourself into the flow of flourishing ?

If you’re not sure how you flourish, here are a few things you can do or think about:

1. Think about a time when you felt you were ‘flourishing’ – it might have been yesterday, a week, a month ago, it may have been in your childhood.   when you recall it – what did you feel like ?  what were you thinking?  how were you acting ?  what were you telling yourself? how were others responding to you ?

2. Take a deep breath in as if you’re breathing in ‘flourishing’ . Do it right now – imagine you can breath it in.  Get the flourishing feeling – and enjoy  :-)  Then set the intention to keep that ‘feeling of flourishing’ with you all day today….

3. What’s an area of your life where you’d especially like to ‘flourish’ this coming period?  It might be at work, at play, in your family, or in love, in your creative expression, in a new friendship.
Imagine yourself flourishing as you go this week and know that as you flourish, you enable others to do the same.

4. Every now and then during your week – notice when you’ve been in your flow… flourishing as only you can.  Smile inside.
I’d love to hear from you about when and how you flourish….  do share.

Till next time, let’s all flourish




  1. Kathleen Butler Says: April 7, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    Very inspiring & thought provoking,I love that word flourishing, exudes positivity. Love the blog.

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