Executive Coaching

“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are”   Max de Pree

Executive Coaching

An important trend we’re noticing in 2012 that faces our coaching clients is the situation where the individual themselves are not as invested in their current role as they once were.

Given the current state of the employment market, they are unhappy with the context in which they are working (especially with new managers or restructured departments), yet unwilling to leave the organisation. They feel in a bind and though they don’t always know it, they need to decide if they’re ‘in or out’ and how best to proceed.  That’s where we can help.

- Some of our coaching clients want to grow into a new role. Others need to build bridges with ‘difficult’ key individuals; face up to and deal with people-issues they’ve been avoiding.
- Some want to be able to build better relationships with joint-venture partners where there currently exists distrust or disdain.
- Others want to develop strategies on how to be more assertive and to handle conflict or awkward situations with more success and aplomb.
- Many senior coaching clients are moving (in their own heads) from being a ‘hands-on’ manager to becoming a ‘hands-off’ effective and inspirational leader.
- Yet others want to find the balance of being a successful leader-manager.

The transition can be difficult if you’re not clear about how to do this, while maintaining your integrity, acting on your values and aligning with the business goals and culture.  This is where we can help.

Catherine has been coaching executives, managers, leaders in the corporate sector for nearly twenty years.  The challenges, issues, opportunities they faced were all different and individual, yet Catherine’s experience and skills go a long way to enabling her to find the right balance of  support, challenge, humour and rigour to effectively coach in a way that makes a significant difference for her clients.