Team Development

‘Teamwork makes the dream work’.     

Team Development

In a group discussion about ‘team working’ recently, we were reflecting the changing nature of organisations, culture and work.  I was a little surprised when someone said, and others agreed, that leading a team is more difficult now than ever before. 

This is what my group suggested were some of the reasons:

– individuals don’t want the same things;
– people are more self-oriented
– bosses are more trusting and workers are less trusting
– people want different things from work and from each other
– team members expect others to meet their expectations and to take ‘what they want’ into account (whether it fits with the business or the team)
– fewer people in teams are willing to go the extra mile, without some kind of payment
– people who coast ‘coasters’  stay safely under the radar; managers either ignore or don’t recognise them; consequently they’re not pulled up and challenged.

Working as part of team is a great when it works but so often it’s not what it should be.

We have experience in working with intact teams and with geographically-spread teams for example, IT, Procurement, Design, HR, Sales, Finance, Area Managers, Ops in UK, Scotland, Algeria, France, Ireland.

We help you:

- Assess team strengths and areas of exposure
- Achieve a deep understanding of team dynamics
- Define the team the way the business needs it to be
- Develop strategies and approaches that work for you, the business and the team
- Identify what to stop, start, continue, get agreements to action and set up accountabilities.

Plus, you can have a great time getting to really know the people you work with so that all the parts work together to create a powerful whole.