Women on Board

Supporting women into senior roles

Women on Board


In recent years we have worked with organisations in motor manufacturing, oil & gas and construction that are keen to ensure that aspiring female directors and emerging women managers with true talent are supported to fulfil their potential, rather than leave the organisation or remain hidden in the middle ranks.

We actively welcome the opportunity to work with organisations that are committed to developing and promoting women into senior roles, based on skills ability, experience and the evidenced value they bring to organisations.

Via a range of activities including coaching, master-mind groups, mentoring, cross-organisational peer-coaching and support networks we have supported talented women to contribute more fully at senior level.   

Such variety provides individual, group, internal and external perspectives that support learning and increase confidence building and achievement.

More broadly in the organisation, we have worked alongside key stakeholders in a range of activities including building a vision of what women on board means in the Company; developing a strategy for changing culture and behaviours; putting in place processes for recruitment/ selection and retention; identifying skills gap and development plans and facilitating discussions to educate and help them build a culture of inclusion.